School Based Connections

Paving the way for your life after school.

Life Outside of School...

School Based Connections is an introduction to Southside Services that is specifically designed to meet the needs of young adults with disabilities. One-on-one interactions address young adults’ new responsibilities and offer support as they learn how to manage them on their own. Group opportunities focus on appropriate social behavior and provide a place to form healthy peer relationships outside of school.

How does it happen?

Southside Services partners with Minneapolis area high schools to make this program available to students. Current partners include Transition Plus High School and Roosevelt High School. School Based Liaisons from Southside Services spend two days a week at Transitions Plus and one day a week at Roosevelt. Students from other schools are always welcome! Please contact us for more information!​

1 On 1 Direct Support

  • Medical insurance, SSI, and other bureaucracy navigation
  • Job application and interview support
  • Mobility training
    Individualized support based on each client’s needs
  • Other needs, especially those related to transition process


  • Special interests (art, sports, literature, etc.)
  • Social skills support
  • Peer relationship building
  • Self Advocacy

Rides provided from school to activity and from activity home

How It Works

#1 Qualify.

To qualify for the School Based Connections program, the client must be 16 or older, attend high school, live in Hennepin County, and have a developmental disability.

#2 Fill out Referral.

Fill out a referral form here. Fill in your basic information and you will be contacted for next steps.

#3 Intake Assessment.

If the client qualifies, they can schedule an intake assessment with the School Based Coordinator, Stephanie before enrolling in activities.