Therapeutic Recreation

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Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy People.

Therapeutic Recreation fills a significant gap by providing consistent, low-cost recreation activities that are available to socially isolated adults with disabilities living in Minneapolis. The group recreation outings reinforce physical activity, healthy lifestyles and healthy social behaviors for the clients. Much more than just “social outings”, recreational activities are a critically important vehicle for building social skills and confidence, reducing social isolation, building a family of support, promoting community integration and creating numerous “teachable moments” that support healthy behaviors and independent living.

Programs We Offer

  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Movie Nights

How It Works

#1 Qualify.

To qualify for the Therapeutic Recreation program, the client must have some kind of developmental disability and live in Hennepin County.

#2 Intake Assessment.

If the client does have a developmental disability, they can schedule an intake assessment with the Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator, Kayla before enrolling in activities.

#3 Sign Up.

The client will be mailed a calendar and must wait until the first of the month to call Kayla and sign up for activities they would like to participate in. There can often be many clients that sign up for the same activities so some clients will be put on a waiting list. Kayla rotates who gets placed on the waiting list so that everyone can experience different activities.

#4 Payment.

If there is a fee for an activity, it will be noted on the calendar. Clients are responsible for that dollar amount and can pay Kayla upon arrival to the office for the activity.

#5 Transportation

Clients are always responsible for their transportation to Southside Services’ office. Once there, Kayla will provide transportation to the activity and transportation to each client’s home afterwards. Rides home are always provided unless otherwise noted on the calendar. Some examples of when rides are NOT provided are for softball games, bowling, and our summer BBQ’s.

Weather Hotline: 612-816-3133

In the event of severe weather during a scheduled activity, you can call or text Kayla’s work cell phone number to find out if the activity has been cancelled or is still running.

Kayla’s office phone: 612-746-5871

Kayla’s work cell phone: 612-816-3133

Kayla’s email:

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